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Woodsboro New Midway Recreation Council

Registration & Sign up

How to Register and sign up online

It's easy. Just click on the REGISTER link at the top of the page and fill in the requested information on each page. Click next when you are done on each page.

Remember that you only need one account per family and remember that on the "ADD PARTICIPANT" page, you should enter details for each of your children by using the "ADD PARTICIPANT" link as necessary.

If needed, detailed instructions are below.

1.  Go to

2.  From the home page click on REGISTER located at the top of the page

3.  Create your FAMILY account under New Customer Primary Contact. Primary parental information goes here.

4.  After entering the primary parental information enter secondary parent information if desired.

5.   Next, add a New Participant: Player’s (Participant’s)information is recorded here.

6.  Once the first player has been added you may update and add another player by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on update and add another participant.

7.  Once you are done adding players, chose the program you wish to register for and click next. *Note, if you have more than one player under each players name (in light blue) will be a list of programs that are available for that player to register for.

8.  Preview the programs you selected and click next

9.  Each program will have its own registration questions and each player will have their own registration questions. Please answer those in the additional participant information.

10.  If you are interested in volunteering, (we depend on your help) please check the boxes in the volunteer selection section.

11.  Check out and enter your payment information. You can pay online with Visa/MasterCard or you can pay by check. Please send Soccer checks to Tom Atelsek, 12102 Renner Rd, KEymar MD, 21757.

12. If you prefer to use paper forms, download the form here.