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Woodsboro New Midway Recreation Council

General and Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

General Items

Who can play on a WNMRC team?  


Although our name reflects the towns where we practice and play, barring any league specific regulations, any youth can play on our teams regardless of where they live. Regarding age, most of our programs are designed for ages 4-5 and up. 


What can I do to help WNMRC programs?


In addition to signing up your children to play, you can volunteer to help. We are an all-volunteer organization. There are many ways you can help that involve only one or two hours per month. To volunteer, please either complete the volunteer information when you register your child or contact any of our officers or program coordinators.


Are there opportunities for adults to volunteer?  


Yes. WNMRC is an all-volunteer organization, and the program cannot be maintained without parent/adult volunteers. In addition to coaches and assistant coaches, the organization routinely requires others willing to lend assistance. We consistently need volunteers to help with fundraising, website updates, communication, and many other tasks. Prior sport experience is not required. Participating as a WNMRC volunteer is a valuable and rewarding endeavor.


I want to be a coach or assistant coach. Who do I contact? 


We welcome volunteers. We cannot have our programs without them. If you would like to be a WNMRC coach, please note that when registering your player, and/or email the program coordinator. 


I, or my business want to be a WNMRC sponsor. Who do I contact?  

You may contact any member of our Board. Officer emails, and our mailing address are listed on the home page.


Is there a question you'd like to see added to this FAQ?

Please email [email protected] to have any questions added to our website FAQs. We thank you for helping us.



Registration FAQ’s


What is the “U” in the age groupings?


The “U” stands for "under,” as in “that age & under”. The trick is when you look at the age. For example, a 12U or U12 team is open to players who are 12 years old and under. This can get complicated, because age groups are based on each program's age cut off.

Thankfully, our leagues and our coordinators understand this process and have incorporated it into our online registration, so only the programs that your child is eligible for will be shown for that child. Should you like more information regarding the specific age/birthdate cut off for a particular program, please contact that program coordinator. 


Why doesn’t the online registration site show any programs available to register my child for?


The system will only show programs that are available to each participant based on that participants age, gender, and open/closed status of the programs. If you do not see any programs available then either there are none available at that time based on your child’s age, or there is a typo in your child’s birthday information. If there is a typo in your child’s information simply click on “Edit Participant Info” located just to the right of the participant’s name.


How do I know what age group to register my child in for each program?  


We provide age group registration table that allows parents to see what age groups their child can play in.  Also, after you sign up and enter your child’s birthday on the online registration site, only those programs for which they are eligible will appear as available for them.


Eligibility for any particular program is dependent on the child's age and whether or not that program is open for registrations. Players may not play in a younger age group but may play in an older age group under some circumstances. Please contact the program coordinator for details.


My child would like to play up an age group, is this allowed?   


Most leagues allow players to “play up” in age groups. When you register, the age-appropriate programs will be shown for your child. Sometimes exceptions can be made for siblings and for other reasons. Please contact the program coordinator with any special requests regarding your players. Please note, while playing up can be allowed, playing down an age group cannot.

I registered two weeks ago and haven't heard from the coach yet?


As we get closer to the start of each season, either the program coordinator or your player's coach will be in contact with you regarding practice times and other details. Please keep in mind that everyone at WNMRC is a volunteer. Being human, we make an occasional mistake or forget to include an email address on an email, etc. Please try to give all of our volunteers grace as we are doing our best to provide a youth sports for our community